Ned Karlovich


Fairweather's Raincoats







Fairweather’s is committed to creating the best raincoats in the World. We believe in creating a world where everyone quietly hopes for a chance of rain.


We work with dedication, with a promise to learn, to evolve, to innovate and refine our brand and products for anyone willing to come with us on our journey.


We believe we need the best quality available in people and product to create something no one has ever seen before in a rain coat.


Brand Story



We make raincoats. We make really good ones. The kind your grandfather would hold up to his nose, squint at for

a moment and give a silent approval, dismiss, then drink his tea. These could be the best in world. We want to keep people dry and to feel special wearing

our products. We have an ambition to create a company and a collection raincoats that start with unachievable

expectations and eventually can become something that people that hate rain will come to love.

Brand Mission



Fairweather’s brand mission is to keep being dry and fashionable where ever there is a chance rain.


Vision & Objective



Fairweather’s vision is simple, gather the most talented people, find the best materials made by those talented people and make something even greater.


We are under no illusion there are other companies and people making great things far longer than we have, we want learn from others to help make us

become a great company that makes great



Our objective is to build a powerful international brand with our raincoats that evolves over time to

become even better.


Over time we hope to have a great brand that our wife and kids will be proud of. In 50 Years time we would like to be know for creating the household

name in raincoats.